Chai Lai Sisters Elephant rescue and Mountain Homestay

Elephants + waterfall + Trekking + homestay + Bamboo rafting + Karen hill tribe village + Visit Baby elephants 5000 THB

All Inclusive 2 days 1 night

September Sale $120 | 4000 THB

This was voted as the most eye-opening, authentic experience by past guests. In addition to playing with and learning to care for beautiful elephants, you will experience jungle life the Karen way! Miles away from the bustling city and tourist traps, you’ll trek to a mountain-top village, swim at waterfalls, enjoy traditional food cooked in the jungle, bamboo raft down a river, and home-stay in a bamboo hut.


Elephant rescue
“A journey that will take your breath away!
Chail Lai Sisters is the only place where you can truly be one with nature and animals. Trekking through the mountain with elephants, free from chains and ropes, just being nature’s creatures. “
— Michelle M, Trip Advisor

Day 1: Trekking + Lunch + Waterfalls + Dinner + Hill Tribe Village + Sleep In Karen Hill Tribe style Hut at Chai Lai Sisters Camp and Elephant Rescue

Day 2: BREAKFAST 8:00 am + Walk with ELEPHANTS through their natural habitat + FEED THE ELEPHANTS + Bamboo rafting +  LUNCH + LEARN HOW TO APPROACH AND TALK TO ELEPHANTS + watch Elephants bathe in the River + Visit Baby Elephants  + Learn how to wash feed and bathe your elephant + Photos

Click here to learn more about how you can help rescue elephants in Thailand.


Your hotel in the old city  of Chiang Mai or at Three Kings Monument 


Approximately 8:00 AM


Approximately 6:00 PM (following day)


This trip is well organized but relaxed. In order to give you the best experience and maximum time doing your preferred activities, there's not a set schedule.  This is a private tour, not a big group, so we are flexible to accommodate a different order should you want to spend more time in an activity or change your schedule. The day may feel less structured than what you're used to but rest assured, you'll get a chance to experience everything! See photos from past guests here.


  • We offer private custom tours, so you can hike anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on what you request. If you don't specify what you want, hikes are usually 3 hours and moderate in difficulty. All hikes include finding hidden jungle waterfalls where you can play, explore, and relax.

Bamboo raft

  • The pace of a rafting trip depends on the height of the water. In rain season, the water is swift and you will see some rapids. In the dry season the river is clear and relaxing. If you are lucky you can see Kingfisher birds and even elephants coming down to the river to drink. The ride takes roughly one hour. 

  • We suggest leaving your camera and anything you don't want to get wet in the truck, which will meet you at Chai Lai Orchid


  • Spend a day with beautiful Asian elephants. You’ll learn how to be an elephant caretaker.  Get to know the elephants, learn how to approach them and feed them fruit and sugar cane. By participating in this program you are helping create funds to care for the elephants, retire and rescue elephants,  providing them with income so they don't need to perform tricks or do dangerous work.  The Chai Lai Sisters Elephant Rescue does not allow any riding of  the elephants. The elephant farm we will visit on the second day to see baby elephants does allow short bareback rides (1 person per elephant) that don't harm the elephants. Let your guide know if you are interested in this option.  


  • Experience jungle living the Karen way! Enjoy traditional locally-sourced food cooked in the jungle in a beautiful and simple bamboo hut. You can help your host's Kea-Eh and Nukul prepare and cook or explore the beautiful river and waterfall. Here you will be free from the buzz of television, and wifi. Some huts only have limited solar power. Not for everyone, but definitely a unique experience for the true traveler. Here are photos of some of the accommodations.


Comfortable athletic clothing, athletic shoes with good grip, overnight wear, toiletries, changes of clothes, bug spray, sunscreen, flash light, bathing suit, fully charged devices and or extra batteries, cash for personal expenses.

PRICING for 2 days

$150 | 5,200 baht per person for 2 days all inclusive

Need more time to unwind?

The most common complaint about this trip is that people wish it was longer. Add an additional day in this jungle paradise for only $44/ 1500 THB per day and including meals or a relaxing night at the Chai Lai Orchid Eco-lodge 1200 THB per room.


  • Good Karma! Your purchase of an elephant experience with our organization helps to create a safe and permanent sanctuary for them.

  • Local Indigenous tour guides & trained elephant caretakers

  • Water and meals (cooked on site and made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients)

  • Transportation

  • Accommodation 

  • Insurance


Alcohol & additional optional gratuities

Questions? Email us