Jungle Wisdom survival trek

Trekking + waterfalls + rafting + hill tribe village + Karen Culture Experience

2 days $115


Get off the beaten path and learn how to live in harmony with the jungle. On this private trek you can learn some jungle survival skills in a relaxed and fun environment from knowledgeable indigenous Karen hill tribe guides.

Unplug. Reconnect.

Karen people have lived peacefully in the in the mountains for generations, combining hunting, gathering and farming to survive. On this trek your guides will teach you to return to indigenous roots and enjoy the simple pleasures of jungle life. On this Chai Lai Sisters tour you will experience what life is like without wifi, supermarkets, factory farms, and 7-Elevens on every corner.

Trek to waterfalls 

Trek to waterfalls 

Golo in a bamboo Karen hill tribe house

Golo in a bamboo Karen hill tribe house

“Many people live in a society where they don’t know how to make their own clothes, make their own shelter or get their own food. Knowing how to meet your most basic needs leads to a sense of confidence and well-being - or feeling more sabai. Also food from the jungle is good because it’s all organic!
— Golo, Chai lai Sisters Guide

Trip Highlights Include:

  • Hike a scenic trail to a remote waterfall
  • Sleep in a jungle camp
  • Ride and learn to guide a bamboo raft
Trek to waterfalls

Trek to waterfalls

Have fun in nature

Have fun in nature

Learn from experts

Karen women still know how to make their own clothes completely by hand and without electricity, by weaving on a back loom. It takes time to master but you will have a chance to try it out. In addition to other outdoor survival skills your guide can show you how to how to build in the jungle. Karen houses are traditionally constructed from bamboo with roofs made of grass or leaves. Your guide can teach you to make a basic shelter using only these items and a machete.

Some of the wilderness skills you will learn:

  • Identify wild edible plants
  • Cook and eat in the jungle
  • Make cooking utensils from banana leaves
  • Identify medicinal plants
  • Find water in bamboo
  • Build a shelter
  • Weave cotton into cloth
On this tour you don’t just have fun, you also you also give jobs to Karen people and we are happy to share indigenous jungle wisdom with you
— Nukul, Chai Lai Sisters Founder

4000 thb | 115 USD

What makes this tour unique?

Chai Lai Sisters is Thailand's 1st trekking company owned and operated by Karen women. We strive to make the impact of tourism a positive one for both our community and the ecosystem.    

Watch: meet our guide 'Nukul'