Off Road Safari to Hidden Temples

Best ATV Adventure in Chiang Mai

Everyone loves Thailand for different reasons. There are the white sand beaches in the islands, world class parties in Bangkok, and the ancient ruins of Sukhothai and Ayutthaya. But Chiang Mai is known as the “the Rose of the North” because of it’s cultural importance and stunning natural beauty.

Driving the buggies through the jungle is an adrenaline rush but for many people the Chiang Mai scenery that few others ever get to see is just as big a thrill. This trip offers a chance to see breathtaking views and locations like ancient jungle temples which are not accessible by normal vehicles.

Start out with detailed instructions and a training course at Goodwin Riverview to get you comfortable with your vehicles. when you are ready the guides take you high into the jungle-covered hills above Chiang Mai. It’s extreme fun and an unforgettable adventure. All of the ATVs are new and the groups are small private tours. See temples or waterfalls and mountain top karen hill tribe villages.