Winter in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Winter in Chaing Mai, Thailand

If you are coming to Chai Lai in the "cold season" pack for hot days and cold nights.

The weather you can expect when visiting Chiang Mai depends of course on the season. Some seasons are better for trekking and others are better for hot air balloon rides. Some Chiang Mai’s climate can be roughly divided in three seasons, the rainy season, the dry and cool season, and the dry and warm season. If you enjoy a rainy holiday, just come in August or September and you will get what you will enjoy lush green jungles and rice fields. Most people, however, will opt for the Chiang Mai winter season and enjoy the dry and slightly cooler weather. The best months to visit are probably from October to February but then again expect more crowds in the city.

Hot season in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is known as the ‘cool capital’, and in comparison to the sweaty heat of Bangkok, the climate is far more agreeable.

The weather at Chai Lai is much cooler all year due to our higher altitude (4,341 feet). You don't worry you do not need air conditioning here! While nights in the city of Chiang Mai are in the 70- and 80s here it's in the 40s and 50s. At Doi Inthanon national park, the highest point in Thailand the temperature reaches freezing.

Travelfish has interactive weather maps for all of Thailand to help you plan your trip. 

cold season chiang mai

Travel Tip: Enjoy the rain

September is the low season and you can get the best deals on hotels, tours and even airfare. The southwest monsoon usually arrives from India at the end of May. The rainy season is characterized by torrential downpours, but they tend to be sudden bursts that only last for an hour or so. The rains bring respite from the heat, and the landscape returns to its strikingly-gorgeous shade of green. 

Rain in Chiang Mai