Kelsie and Matt's Chiang Mai Wedding

Elope in the jungle

Tuesday morning we got a call at 8:00 am from a couple camping at a Karen homestay in Mae Wang. They wanted to stay the night, and they also wanted to know if it would be possible to have a wedding that day. We love LOVE and spontaneity so we said YES! The monks at the temple seemed to be surprised by the last minute request for such and important day but happily agreed to prepare the Buddhist blessing ceremony. Kelsie and Matt started the day with rafting on a bamboo raft to take in the beauty of Mae Wang national park. Then they has a riverside picnic where they were greeted by an elephant. Then it was time for Thai massage and the blessing at the forest temple. Serendipity was the theme that day. One of Chiang Mai’s best photographers, Toon, came up to document the day. The weather, elephants, and our favorite cake baker all conspired to make the day perfect and magical. Thank you Matt and Kelsie for letting Chai Lai be part of your love story.