Magical Chai Lai

Magical Chai Lai

Those of us in the Chai Lai team share a dream: to create a place that gives back to the community, provides a safe home and training for at-risk women here in Chiang Mai, and helps elephants. But we are not experts in hospitality, business or marketing - we are regular people muddling through, with the kind help of volunteers who lend a hand when they can…

Meet Baby Elephant Suki!

We are overjoyed to announce the newest member of the Chai Lai Family!

Celebrate Suki


Wooohoo!!! After almost 2 years of waiting, Mae Noi and Som Chai’s adorable daughter arrived last night. She was born just after midnight on Thursday so we nicknamed her Wan Suk. Mae Noi’s labor was much shorter than her first labor and luckily both the calf and the mother are happy and healthy! Mae Noi is an attentive and calm mother and little Suki is friendly and curious.. and as clumsy as to be expected.


She is getting to know her older sister Chai Lai and her proud mahout Ling Ling... who has also not slept for days giving the mother and baby round-the-clock care! (If you're visiting Chai Lai, he is currently accepting caffeinated donations, should anyone care to bring him a venti half soy, half almond milk caramel latte macchiato)

Did I mention she’s the cutest little creature in the world?

baby and mother elephant