The Chai Lai Sisters Karen Hilltribe Homestay

Unplug and unwind while Camping in a Karen Hill tribe homestay in Thailand deep in the jungle

Eco Travel + Conservation

The Chai Lai Sisters homestays are located deep in the lush mountainous jungle outside of Chiang Mai, close to Doi Inthanon. Get off the grid, swim at waterfalls and enjoy fireside dinners under starry skies and sleep in a private river view cabin. Learn about the indigenous Karen lifestyle, a world away from your daily grind. Homestays are already included in 2-day adventures such as the Waterfalls and Elephant trek trip. 

Nature Lovers Only

This retreat is perfect for people who authentically love nature and escaping the crowds. There is no address and it is only accessible by a truck with 4 wheel drive or by foot (4-hour trek). There is no WiFi, which means no social media. The only electricity is provided by solar panels so its limited. If you love camping, you will be very happy and in your element here. 

Proceeds from your stay benefit Daughters Rising, our nonprofit which serves at-risk ethnic minority and refugee women.

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