photo: Oz Go

A heavy metal chair. A 14+ hour workday parading tourists around. With little time to eat, baking hot conditions, exhausting hours, and no days off this is life 365 days a year for most elephants in South East Asia.

With your help, it ends now.

Elephants are forced to live like this because of the tourism industry’s demand for cheap rides and photo ops. The good news is that by changing the demand we can end the abuse. Across the river from The Chai Lai Orchid Eco Lodge, 11 elephants live and work. Four of those elephants, including DeeDee, are babies.  While they are too small for chair rides now, they will soon grow up and join their friends in their backbreaking toil. It doesn’t have to be this way though. With your help, we can change the tide of tourism in Thailand.


  • We have rescued 5 elephants and counting

  • Provided care and food for 11 elephants so they only need to work part time

  • Rented land with a river for bathing for the 4 retired elephants

  • Provided fair wages and elephant care education for elephant caretakers

  • Between our social business and donations we have been able to raise about ½ our target amount, which means we are currently able to rent the elephants for half of the day, during which they have ample time for resting, take plenty of baths in the river to cool off, and only do bareback rides or none at all.

  • We have also been successful raising awareness about ethical tours among elephant owners and mahouts in the area.  Several camp owners now prefer to work with our guests because the interactions benefit the elephants and want to retire more elephants.


While we have not yet met our goal of 600,000 thb per month to rescue all of the elephants from the neighboring camp, we have had some major victories. We have been overwhelmed by both support - and backlash - toward the project. We receive (among other attempts to undermine our efforts) death threats from owners of some larger companies who are well-connected in the elephant tourism industry and/or make their money off chair rides. Many feel that our campaign will cause them to lose business.

How you can help


 Tell your family and friends. These elephants might be loud, but they can’t speak our language. Use your voice to spread to word about their plight. Share about DeeDee on social media #DontLetDeeDeeDown  #elephants #thaila nd #chiangmai #socialgood #giveback #chailaiorchid

Tweet at advocates for animal rights and tell them to come meet DeeDee and MowKapa! Let’s encourage them to use their influence to help elephants! 


Elephants are very expensive to care for. About 56000 thb per month not including renting the land.


The most sustainable way to help these elephants is simply to support ethical elephant tours so that they can earn a living. Come visit them!