Elephant "Mud Spa"   

Bathe Elephants + Mae Wang waterfall

FULL DAY $74 / HALF DAY  $60


Spend a day around beautiful Asian elephants and learn how to hug elephants. Learn about their history in Thailand and how your purchase of an elephant spa experience helps to create a safe and permanent sanctuary for them. This tour is perfect for the elephant lover who wants to interact with elephants, but not ride them. These elephants live in a beautiful jungle location only 1 hour outside of the city making this 1 day tour a great choice for travelers with limited Chiang Mai. In order to keep the price down you bathe the elephants together with other guests. But don’t worry, you will have plenty of time and one-on-one photos opportunities with the elephants!

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Learn About The Elephants & Their History in Thailand + Meet 6 Elephants + Feed The Elephants + Learn How To Approach an Elephant + Lunch + Bath the Elephants And Play In The Mud Spa + Swim at Waterfall

Itinerary- Full Day

• Pick up from your hotel 8:00-8:30am

• Drive approx 1 hour, South West of Chiang Mai

• Arrive at a Karen village of Mae Sapok. Meet your guide.

• Meet the elephants. Feed, interact, and play with the elephants in their jungle home as you learn about their behavior and history. Take photos with the elephants.

• Enjoy a lunch of Thai food and fresh fruit.

• Take a mud spa with the elephants. Walk with them to the beautiful waterfall.

• Bathe and scrub the elephants. Swim in the waterfall.

• Change clothes.

• Leave the jungle and return to Chiang Mai.

• Drop off at your hotel approx 5.30 pm

PLEASE BRING CASH for payment. We do not have any electricity here in the jungle so we can not take electronic payments. It is 2000 THB for the half day and 2500 for the full day.

Hug elephant

Hug Elephant was founded in September 2015 by 3 Thai tourism professionals who were worried about the declining numbers of wild elephants in Thailand. This project focuses on providing a high standard of care and freedom for the elephants. 50% of proceeds goes to feeding the elephants and paying for their caretakers. Only 1-2 groups (maximum 12 people)  are allowed to visit per day so the visitors can interact with them closely.

* Please Note

This tour is well organized yet relaxed. In order to allow you to spend as much time as possible with the elephants. Therefore, there is no formal schedule and aside from pick-up times.


Comfortable clothing, swim wear, change of clean clothes, bug spray and sunscreen, towel.


$74 | 2,500 THB per person