How do I book?

You can visit our air bnb page here to book a room or email to reserve a trek or tour.

How many nights Should i stay?

Most of our guests book between 1-3 nights here and some in the city of Chiang Mai so they are able to enjoy activities and still have some time to relax

How do I get to there?

We are more than happy to book transportation for you. Check in time is 13:00. The Chai Lai Orchid is located an hour from Chiang Mai (directions here). The cost is 800THB for a songtaew (Thai-style covered truck with bench seating) that seats up to 6 passengers, 1200THB for A/C for 2-3 people, or 1500THB for a full-sized van with A/C. All prices are flat rate, not per person and are one-way. Your return trip you can book with reception upon arrival.

We're happy to arrange for a driver to pick you up from the airport or your hotel. The driver will wait with a Chai Lai Orchid sign.  For airport pick ups please send us your

1. flight number 2. arrival time 3. and if it’s at the international or domestic terminal. Running Late? Call the driver Mr. Neng at 081 1129905 ;)

Yes, but some drivers charge an extra 100-400 tbh from 12pm to 4am.



We accept donated clothes (especially cold weather clothing), blankets, mosquito nets and medical supplies such as would care, children’s medicine and vitamins, and at home HIV test kits for refugee and hill tribe communities.  

Helpful tip: these items are much less expensive to purchase locally than in Western countries. 

I want to Change or Cancel my Reservation- How can I do that?

Please alter or cancel  through your air bnb account. Go to your trips, alter/cancel trip, and folow the prompts.


I want to drive a car/motorbike to Chai Lai- is there parking?

Yes, you can park on the side of the road before crossing the bridge.


What amenities do you have?

  • Free WiFi

  • free continental breakfast

  • in-room minibar (depending on room)

  • free bottled water

  • Fruit trees that you can pick

  • A river that you can go swimming in

  • Air conditioning (depending on room)


Can I rent out the whole resort for a destination wedding?

Yes, the Chai Lai Orchid is an excellent choice for an exotic destination wedding — it's perfect for nature lovers, filled with endless activities to keep your wedding party entertained — and a special elephant wedding will be something you'll never forget. Please email us and we can help you plan it.


General Packing/Traveling in Thailand Questions


What is the weather like; what should I wear?                 

  • While trekking, it is best to wear shoes with a good profile, pants and whatever you feel comfortable in for sun protection.

  • Please check the weather forecast prior to your stay and bring weather-appropriate clothing and/ or gear.  You can trek at any time of year, even in the rain season.

  • March-May is dry season.  Daytime temperatures are especially hot this time of year, and the river is lower.

  • June-October is rainy season.  Afternoon showers are typical, and the jungle is at its greenest.  Bring a poncho (they can easily be purchased locally).

  • November-February is cold season.  Low nighttime temperatures are common. You will be staying in traditional Karen-style bamboo housing which is uninsulated, unheated and located at a high elevation. We stay warm at night by sitting around a fire and sleeping in warm clothing – bring warm clothes if you plan to visit during this time.


Should I take Malaria pills?

While we are not located in a malaria Zone we don't know where else you are traveling on your trip in Southeast Asia. This decision is really up to you and your doctor who knows your medical history. Some of the medicines have side effects.

Should I tip for a service (server/tour guide/mahout)

Tipping is not expected but they are appreciated. High end hotels and salons may add 10% to your bill. We don't include times.


I heard there's a lot of malaria and Dengue in Thailand do I need to get medicines or vaccines?

There is Dengue Fever in Thailand which is spread from mosquitos. Wearing mosquito spray and loose-fitting clothing will help to protect you against Dengue. If you will be traveling to very rural areas that are far away from hospitals or volunteering with animals you might want to consider a rabies vaccine.  


What should I bring?

  • Please provide a copy of your passport identification page, for the insurance provider.

  • Appropriate shoes. Sport sandals, hiking boots, runners – whatever you prefer to walk on dirt jungle paths and potentially get muddy or wet.

  • Sunscreen

  • Mosquito repellent

  • If you want to bring a small gift for your homestay hosts to thank them for their hospitality, like a game, or snack from your country, please feel free (optional).

How long is the trek?

Private treks give you the freedom to decide what you want to do and when. Our treks can be customized based on your group/ family. The amount of walking and difficulty level is up to you. We can recommend an itinerary, but it’s your experience and we will try our best to accommodate your wishes.


We are a family.  What’s your child policy?

Children under 3 years old are free of charge.

For children 4-10 years old, we charge 50% of the adult price for your tour.

We are a family with small children, and we’re not sure how much they can walk.

We will work with you to build a tour that is suitable for the ages and needs of your children.  For instance, we can arrange a tour that will take you uphill by car, then you can enjoy a shorter, downhill hike.

Are there any long-neck villages there?

No, the Kayan people (long-neck) are originally from Myanmar. They come to Thailand as refugees but are allowed to stay only if they generate money from tourism. The village that was close to us was shut down as it’s people didn’t produce enough money from tourists and these people were sent back to Myanmar. You can still visit a Kayan village if you would like but you need to travel to Mae Hong Son 6 hours away

Can I swim in the river?

Yes, guests are welcome to enjoy the river.

I don’t know how to swim well- is it safe to bamboo raft?

That's up to you. The water is very shallow in 90% of the river (about 1-2 ft deep). We have lifejackets if you need one.

Are the activities like the elephant experience included with the price of the room?

No, activities are extra charge. The price of room includes the room and free breakfast, and feeding the elephants.

Does riding an elephant hurt them?

We offer only bareback rides which does not harm elephants. Elephants are very strong and can easily support the weight of up to 2 people. The harm comes from putting a heavy metal chair on the elephant which includes, the chair itself, a heavy layer of burlap blankets (which are very warm) and creates the space for up to 4 people on the elephant. Elephants always  spray dirt on themselves,  so not only is the chair very heavy but causes wounds if the there are any stones still on their back when the chair is put on.

Do you use bull hooks?

Mahouts are equipped with a bull hook in order to control the elephant in emergency situations if an elephant attacks a person or elephant. They are trained to use it as a tool to keep people safe.


Do the elephants have chains?

Yes, the elephants are periodically chained during if they are eating close to traffic, at night when their care-taker is sleeping. A loose elephant can cause huge damage to property, to crops, and to human beings. The advantages of chains over other means of tethering are overwhelming. Chains, unlike rope or wire, are very unlikely to cause wounds. The chain is the most humane way to tether elephants and allows for the elephants to be moved to exercise and forage i and much like how we have a lead for animals in the west like horses, dogs and sometimes cats ;).

How should I behave around elephants?

Elephants are smart and gentle but also wild animals and extremely strong. Do not sneak up behind them, tease them, make loud noises or sudden movements around them. They have a blind spot directly in front of them, try to stand to the side so they can see you with one of the eyes on the side of their head. The mahouts have been trained to control the elephants and ensure everyone's safety, so please listen to them around the elephants. And lastly, do not approach an elephant unless a mahout is there and gives you permission.

How long is the elephant ride?

Depending on how much the elephants graze, the ride is about 45-60 minutes.

Do you also own the elephants and employ the trainers?

No, though the Chai Lai Orchid is located right in the middle of an elephant camp, they are two separate businesses. We do not own the elephants or employ the mahouts.

Am I supposed to tip the mahouts?

If you enjoyed your time with the elephant and trainer, please feel free to tip the mahout to show your appreciation.

How much time do I get with the elephants?

If you are staying at the Chai Lai Orchid, you can spend as much time as you like with them. 

Why don't you buy the elephants?

Because we care about elephant conservation. When you buy an elephant from an abusive situation you reward the owner with money to buy new elephants and traffick them from the wild.  Secondly, they cost about 60,000 USD per elephant. 

What kind of breakfast is included with my room?

There are both western and Thai breakfast options included with the rooms. You can select one dish or explore the wider breakfast menu for an additional charge. Please view our menu.

Do you have vegetarian/ vegan options?

Yes, we have many vegetarian and vegan dishes

Is drinking water safe in Thailand?

Not even the local population drinks non-bottled water. We supply bottled water and Ice from the cafe is fine to drink too, the ice is delivered from government inspected ice factories.


I’m have a food allergy can you make alternative dishes?

Yes, most dishes at the cafe are made fresh and to order, so we can make adaptations to dishes to accommodate allergies.