Meet the Elephants



Dee Dee is quite possibly the cutest elephant in Chiang Mai. As the first baby of Tong Po, her name means lucky. She is very playful, sweet and good at making people laugh. Her favorite activity is playing in the river. She is friends with all of the elephants and closest to her little sisters Chai Lai and Tang Mo. She loves her Mahout, Mook, who has been with her since she was born. You can identify her as the only elephant in the family with grey-black skin and a full head of spiky hair.


Tang mo

Tang Mo means “watermelon”. This little monster’s hobbies include breaking iPhones, cameras and luggage. She wants all of the food in your hands, even daring to break into the cafe or office looking for sugarcane. Lati is her mahout.


Som Jai

Som Jai means “wish fulfilled”. This elephant can be identified by his beautiful, large tusks. Very popular with the ladies, Som Jai has 13 babies. Despite his massive size, he is easily scared by loud noises and weird smells. Ling is Suan Jai’s extremely talented mahout.


Rim Muey

Rim Muey is like a rebellious teenager, seeking her own space and known to run. Cute but stubborn, she will plot to steal other elephants’ food. Rim Meuy is the smallest of the adult elephants and is currently pregnant and expected to give birth in 2017.


Thong Wan

This elephant’s name means “golden ring”. Thong Wan has all of the most valued traits of an elephant. Her tail almost touches the ground, ears are the shape of India and she has a large head. Thong Wan is currently pregnant and expected to give birth in 2017! She is the mother of Tang Mo and EhBlee is her mahout. 



Chai Lai

Chai Lai is fearless. She is the only elephant with a pig for a best friend. Chai Lai is the daughter of Mae Noi but can be seen running to Mae Sec Tong for comfort. She is loving and playful but does not know her own strength yet. The tiniest of the elephants, you can also identify her by the mole on her forehead. Ling Ling is her Mahout


Sea Voy

Gentle Sea Voy looks fast but her name reveals the truth; she is a very slow elephant. She is relaxed, calm, kind and can usually be found following around her friend Tong Po. Sea Voy does not need a mahout to tell her where to go and does not spook easily. She is the biggest of all of the elephants and has very long eyelashes. Watch her in our Elephant Day Video!


Mae Sak Tong

This female rebel’s name means “Teak”. She sometimes escapes to a banana farm to snatch her favorite food. Mea Sak Tong loves back rubs and can often be found scratching herself on one of the cement poles. All of the baby elephants flock to Mae Sak Tong for security, attention and love. She has pink pigmentation on her face and is the only elephant with gold eyes.


Mea Noi

Mea Noi means “small girl”. She is Chai Lai’s gentle, caring mother and loves her baby elephant. Bring her papaya and watermelon to become fast friends. She has a great relationship with her mahout, Ling Ling. Unlike most female elephants, you can see Mea Noi’s small tusks when she opens her mouth.



Tong Po is Dee Dee’s mother who loves swimming and hates to be hot. As the matriarch of the family, she cares for all of the female elephants. She has even been seen comforting them during labor. Tong Po is the tallest of the female elephants and can be identified by her concave head. See her acting debut in our Elephant Day Video!