Meet the Elephants

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Baby Suki is playful and strong. She loves to chase humans and then fall asleep on their laps. Words can describe how cute she is.



Gentle Sea Voy looks fast but her name reveals the truth; she is a very slow elephant. She is relaxed, calm, kind and can usually be found following around her friend Tong Po. Sea Voy is 50 and does not think she needs a mahout to tell her where to go. She is the biggest of all of the elephants and has very long eyelashes. Watch her in our Elephant Day Video! Personality: Compassionate, loving, the friendliest and most well-behaved elephant
at Chai Lai Orchid.

Favorite Humans: Alexa and Bay

Favorite foods: Papaya and passion fruit
She used to be a mistreated logging elephant in Burma. She has rips in her ears from
her previous abuse. But we were able to save her and give her a loving home. She spends her entire day being loved by people and fed bananas. She loves going splashing in the river with people and her elephant friends. She has never given birth to a baby, so she has gotten very close to the other elephants, loving
them as her family.



Dee Dee is quite possibly the cutest elephant in Chiang Mai. As the first baby of Tong Po, her name means lucky. She is very playful, sweet and good at making people laugh. Her favorite activity is playing in the river. She is friends with all of the elephants and closest to her little sisters Chai Lai and Tang Mo and Kwan Jai. She loves her Mahout, Mook, who has been with her since she was born. You can identify her as the only elephant in the family with grey-black skin and a full head of spiky hair.

Favorite food: Bananas and pomelo
Favorite person: Mook
Elephant friend: Her sister, Kwan Jai
Fears: Barking dogs, inner tubes, fireworks, snakes. 

Personality: Hungry all the time, very naughty, very playful and fun. Her mother is Tong Po. She spends lots of time with her sister, mother, and elephant friends. They go for walks together in the jungle every single day. She always stays close to her mother and loves her very much.



Tang Mo means “watermelon”. This little monster’s hobbies include breaking iPhones, cameras and luggage. She wants all of the food in your hands, even daring to break into the cafe or office looking for sugarcane. 
Age: 6
Favorite food: Bananas
Favorite person: Pahkai
Best friend: Chai Lai
Fears: Loud big motorbikes
Mom: Mae Tong Wae
Personality: Plays rough with Chai Lai, naughty, playful, happy



Somchai means “wish fulfilled”. This elephant can be identified by his beautiful, large tusks. Very popular with the ladies, Som Jai has 14 babies. Despite his massive size, he is easily scared by loud noises and weird smells. 

Favorite food: Coconuts, and Apples, but he eats everything
Favorite person: Bas
Fears: No fears, he is very brave
Personality: Aggressive, strong, brave
He is originally from a small village in Mae Chaem District.  He spends his time going for long walks in the jungle where he forages his own wild food. He eats over 250 kg per day and requires lots of love and care from his



Lim Muey is like a rebellious teenager, seeking her own space and known to run. Cute but stubborn, she will plot to steal other elephants’ food. Lim Meuy is the smallest of the adult elephants and is currently pregnant.

Favorite food: Oranges
Favorite person: Nawin
Elephant friend: Tong Wan
Fears: Storms & airplanes
Personality: Gets scared and startled easily, playful.
She is originally from a rural jungle-filled area, near the Mui River. She is currently
pregnant and she will give birth in July of 2018. She has very thick elephant skin
compared to her friends and she spends most of her day eating corn. 



This elephant’s name means “golden ring”. Thong Wan has all of the most valued traits of an elephant. Her tail almost touches the ground, ears are the shape of India and she has a large head. Thong Wan is currently pregnant and expected to give birth in 2018! She is the mother of Tang Mo and EhBlee is her mahout. Tong Waen, gold ring
Favorite food: Sugar cane
Favorite person: Nawin
Best Elephant friend: Ling Mui
Fears: Thunderclaps and storms
Personality: Sometimes she is naughty and likes to do her own thing, but mostly she
is very well behaved, listens to her mahout, and is very smart. She is from a rural province. She was originally a logging elephant in Thailand, but now she lives at Chai Lai with her elephant friends and eats all day.


Baby elephant kwan jai


Baby Kwan Jai got internet fame for napping and sitting on Allie. 

Age: 2 and a half years old
Favorite food: Watermelon, sugar cane
Elephant friend: Her sister, Duang Dee
Fears: Snakes
Personality: Loving, naughty, playful, clumsy, silly, adorable
Her mother is Tong Po. She is currently the youngest elephant in all of Chai Lai
Orchid. She is nursing and drinks milk from her mother very often. She loves to be
fed bananas by guests and her mahout. She is clumsy and learning to walk properly
in the jungle. She is constantly next to her mother and loves being snuggled.

Elephant baby Chai Lai


Chai Lai is fearless and strong. She survived being attacked by a bull elephant when she was just a baby. She is clumsy and really likes pigs. Chai Lai is the daughter of Mae Noi and Som Chai. She is loving and playful but does not know her own strength yet. She is happiest when she plays in the river with her older sister Tang Mo. You can also identify her by the mole on her forehead. Ling Ling is her Mahout. 

Favorite food: Bananas
Favorite human: Kola
Best Elefriend: Taeng Mo
Fears: Motorbikes & loud cars
Mom: Mae Noi
Personality: Soft-hearted, loving, goofball


MaeSa Elephant


This female rebel’s name means “Teak”. She sometimes escapes to a banana farm to snatch her favorite food. Mea Sak Tong loves back rubs and can often be found scratching herself on one of the cement poles and unlucky trees. All of the baby elephants flock to Mae Sak Tong for security. She has pink pigmentation on her face and is the only elephant with gold eyes. 

Favorite food: Corn
Favorite person: Ling
Elephant friend: Mae Noi
Fears: Trucks
Personality: Compassionate, the kindest one out of all her friends. Sak Tong was
originally a logging elephant in Thailand, but now she lives at Chai Lai with her
elephant friends and bathes in the river.



Mae Noi means “small girl”. She is Chai Lai’s mother and loves her baby elephant. Bring her papaya and watermelon to become fast friends. She has a great relationship with her mahout, Ling Ling. Unlike most female elephants, you can see Mea Noi’s small tusks when she opens her mouth. 

Favorite food: Elephant grass
Favorite humans: Ling and Alexa
Elephant friend: Mae Sak Tong
Fears: Dogs and cats
Personality: Physically active, loves the water
She lives at the Chai Lai Orchid with her elephant friends and bathes in the river
every day. She has one baby named Chai Lai. She eats over 200 kg per day. She eats
the most out of her nearby elephant friends.



Tong Po is Dee Dee and Kwan Jai’s mother who loves swimming and hates to be hot. As the matriarch of the family, she cares for all of the female elephants. She has even been seen comforting them during labor. Tong Po is the tallest of the female elephants and can be identified by her concave head. See her acting debut in our Elephant Day Video

Favorite food: Pomelo
Favorite person: Bas
Elephant friend: Everyone, she is very friendly
Fears: She is very brave, but only fears dogs occasionally
Personality: Kind, strong, perfect listener
She has two babies, Duang Dee and Khan Jai. She is from a village in the Mae Chaem
District, same as her elephant partner, Som Jai. She spends lots of time with her
babies, and she is currently nursing.