Chai Lai Farmstay at MaeMut Garden

Live at a self-sustaining permaculture farm nestled in a beautiful valley in the heart of the Mae Wang mountains. We are a space for cultural and educational exchange, as well as being home to Daughters Rising’s indigenous community center for cultivating empowerment of the physical, ecological, and spiritual self.

Permaculture farm in Chiang Mai


We offer beautiful eco lodging featuring earth-brick and teak lanna houses. Organic vegetarian farm-to-table meals are available, and there are additional options for elephant experiences, guided trekking adventures and eco indigenous wisdom workshops.

teakwood house Mae Mut


Each sun-drenched villa features outdoors space for al fresco dining, outdoor Thai kitchen, and western style bathrooms.

We offer private rooms with bathrooms ensuite, family-style homes and Thai mattress dorm options for larger groups.

Private Balcony

The Farm

Our home is a lush permaculture farm that grows a wide range of seasonal fruit including papaya, pineapple, mango, avocado, bananas, starfruit, passionfruit, jackfruit, longan, lemons, limes, guava and rose apple, as well as coffee, cacao, tamarind, macadamia and a myriad of flowers, herbs and spices. It is the ideal setting for reconnecting with nature, and a beautiful space for learning about permaculture, medicinal plants and organic Thai cooking.


Meet your host, Golo Wararom

Golo has a degree in Agriculture and is passionate about sustainable farming methods, natural medicine, and the preservation of Karen culture.


  • Traditional Thai and Karen farm to table cooking classes

  • Natural fabric dying and Karen weaving workshops

  • Natural cosmetics and soap-making workshops

  • Medicinal plants and jungle foraging workshops

  • Cacao ceremonies

  • Bamboo rafting

Tours and Trips Chai Lai Tours and elephant experiences

P Hom

Meet our Farm Manager, P Hom

P Hom has lived at Mae Mut for many years. She is an absolute expert on permaculture farming, knows the farm like the back of her hand, and we could not function without her!


CHAI LAI FARMSTAY is the perfect space to host your next:

  • Yoga retreat / Yoga teacher training

  • Corporate team-building

  • Healthy living and mindfulness retreat

  • Dance workshops

  • Trauma release therapy workshops

  • Meditation retreat

  • Massage training

  • Acro-yoga classes

  • Permaculture workshops

  • Non-violent communication workshops

  • Writing retreat


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Permaculture Farmstay