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Label Village Monde

Village Monde Hotel

We have been awarded the Village Monde Label in the ‘Rural’ Category, with the following strengths noted: quality of welcome and customer care; sense of community, typical accommodation and interaction with locals; quality and diversity of activities.

Red Bull's Humanitarien

Red Bull's humanitarian organization Amaphiko hails Chai Lai's Fight Against All Odds

The Chai Lai Orchid eco-hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand, has an air of tranquility and simplistic living. In reality, its story is complex. It is staffed entirely by Karen women from areas of Thailand and neighboring Myanmar where human traffickers operate or which are in the middle of conflict zones.


Blindfold Magazine

Welcome to the Mae Wang Jungle in Northern Thailand, home of the Chai Lai Orchid. No, it’s not an exotic flower, but rather a pioneer in eco-tourism and an advocate for human and animal rights...


Women Changing the World Award WINNER

In celebration of our 20th anniversary, Marie Claire set out to find readers who are changing the world. Hundreds of game-changers entered, and our editors narrowed it down to three kick-ass finalists: Chai Lai Orchid Resort's Alexa Pham, the Smart Girls Group's Emily Raleigh, and Fortuned Culture's Azie Tesfai.

Nikki Asian Review

 Nikkei Asian Review- Thailand's indigenous women break tourism barrier

CHIANG MAI, Thailand -- Deep in the jungle of Mae Wang, two hours drive southwest of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, five Thai-Karen women banded together to do something their community had never heard of: They started a company run entirely by women

Daughters Rising Featured On President Obama's Whitehouse Blog

Daughters Rising Featured on President Obama's Whitehouse Blog

The issue of international human rights has always been of utmost importance to this administration. Last year, the Department of Justice, in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security launched the Human Trafficking Enhanced Enforcement Initiative