Secret Temple Trail - 1 Day

Wat Luang Khun Win

Hike to Wat Luang Khun Win วัดหลวงขุนวิน

Hidden against the flanks of a jungle mountain, an ancient temple waits for you to discover it. Just when you think you have passed any signs of settlement, it emerges, its dragon-coils and golden spires seeming to grow straight from the forest floor.

First, you must find it! You will trek up a dirt path through the jungle for two hours, starting from a quiet Karen village in a valley. It is a beautiful walk winding up into the hills: on rainy days, clouds descend, the trees become immersed in stillness, and only the sounds of cicadas and dripping water can be heard in the glowing fog. On warm days light plays through the leaves joyfully.


Waterfall Swim

After a chance to soak in the hushed and rarefied atmosphere of the temple, you will wander onwards to a secluded waterfall where we will rest and eat lunch together. If you wish, you can swim in the bright, cold water before returning to Hoi Yot village and then to your hotel. 

This trek is perfect for solo travelers and families alike. The trail is on a good road appropriate for children and trekkers of any fitness level. The climb to the hilltop ridge is a little challenging but you will have plenty of chances to pause and take in the scenery.


1 Day 1500 thb ($45)*

* 1500 thb for guests of Chai Lai Orchid only, outside guests will pay an additional fee


  1. Drive to Hoi Yuak Karen Village
  2. Hike to the hidden temple (about two hours)
  3. Rest and explore the temple grounds 
  4. Continue onwards to a secluded waterfall where you will have lunch and swim
  5. Hike down to village (about 1 hour)
  6. Drive home to your hotel

Provided: Water, Lunch, Chai Lai Sisters Guide


Bring: Mosquito repellent, Sunscreen, Sarong to cover shoulders/knees, Swimwear and towel (optional), Camera (optional), A small donation for the temple (optional)


*If you want to take this tour as a half day, you can miss the waterfall.

*We will be visiting a public place of worship and meditation. Please be quiet and respectful.