We love  Mint ’s bright and playful photographs

We love Mint’s bright and playful photographs



Hiring a photographer to take professional shots used to only for engagements and weddings. But social norms have shifted and now you don’t even have to get married just to have great photos of yourself. Hiring a photographer during vacation is a great souvenir. It will not weigh down your bags or clutter your living space.

Unique locations + local knowledge

Chaing Mai has an amazing creative talent pool. Local photographers know all the best backdrops. They can take you to cool neighborhoods and locations that you might not find out about otherwise. Chiang Mai offers stunning scenery ranging from rice fields and jungle waterfalls to ancient temples and colorful local markets.

  Photo:  Matthew Neal

 Photo: Matthew Neal

Give beautifully

A photoshoot makes a great gift for a friend traveling solo or a couple on honeymoon. You might find that where you’re traveling you can get more bang for your buck. If you’re traveling in Southeast Asia you can hire one of the best photographers for a fraction of the price that you would pay back home. A photographer here will give you an entire day of shooting for the price you would pay per hour back home.

Explore your style

Even when you are traveling you can find a photographer who fits your personal style. It’s up to you if you want hair, makeup, and studio lighting or just natural candid shots documenting your day. You can keep it simple with a single look or choose multiple locations and outfits.

“Collecting incredible experiences is the best gift we can give ourselves, having these photos to look back on will be the icing on the cake

— Jessica P Chai Lai Guest

Be in the moment

In the age of social media and it seems like everything needs to be documented to matter. But while traveling and trying to capture every amazing landmark with your gopro and your DSLR you actually lose moments that matter. With travel photo shoots you be fully present to experience hanging out with elephants and leave it up to a professional to get some great captures. 

  Quinceañera  shoot at Chai Lai Orchid Photo:  James

Quinceañera shoot at Chai Lai Orchid Photo: James