Highlights of Chaing Mai 2 Day Trek


elephants + trekking + waterfalls + bamboo rafting + Eco lodge + Karen hill tribe Homestay + secret jungle temple

2 days 1 night all inclusive   5,000 THB

Experience all the highlights of northern thailand in this incredible, action-packed jungle and cultural adventure! This tour combines the most popular activities of all of our tours into one all-inclusive excursion.

Begin by trekking through lush jungle to discover hidden waterfalls and spend the night in at a jungle camp. Discover a hidden 700-year-old jungle temple that few tourists ever get to see. Then spend the night in a traditional Karen hill tribe homestay and learn about Karen culture while eating a delicious locally-sourced meal cooked over an open flame. Then return to the Chai Lai Orchid for our elephant caretaker experience - feed and walk with elephants through the jungle, learn elephant commands, and get to bathe them in the river. Bamboo raft down the river to take in the beauty of Mae Wang.

rescued elephants


Depending on the time of year, the ride can have rapids or just be relaxing. We suggest leaving your camera and anything you don't want to get wet in the truck that takes you to the rafting start point, which will meet after you are finished. The ride takes about 1 hour and always lots of fun! 


Learn how to be an elephant caretaker for a day! Spend the afternoon walking alongside these gentle giants, learning elephant commands and feeding them yummy treats of bananas and sugarcane. Then cool them off by bathing them in the river. Don't be afraid to get a little wet, they love to be scrubbed and splashed, especially the babies! 

Trek to waterfalls

Our tours are private, so you can customize your hike anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on your interest and ability. If you don't specify what you want, hikes are usually 2-3 hours and moderate in difficulty. The lush mountain landscape transforms depending on the altitude, so you might walk through pine trees at one point, and wet jungle at another. The waterfalls can only be reached by hiking, therefore are usually completely yours to swim in and enjoy alone! 

discover a hidden jungle TEMPLe 

Find the secret 700-year-old temple of Wat Luang Khun Win, hidden against the flanks of a jungle mountain. This beautiful temple is so remote and difficult to reach that it remains largely undiscovered by tourists. Its remoteness also allowed it to be preserved in its original form, when most other ancient temples were destroyed through attempts to conquer the Lanna Kingdom and have since been rebuilt.  

Walk up its dragon-coiled steps to discover the peaceful beauty of this ancient architecture, on rainy days, clouds descend, cloaking the temple in a glowing fog. On warm days light dances through the leaves of the foliage that surround the temple grounds.

Hill tribe homestay

Live like a local! Hill tribe home-stays are one of the most eye-opening, favorite parts of guests' experience. Your local guide will cook a regional delicacy dinner for you over an open flame in your traditional bamboo constructed hut. Afterwards, enjoy beverages while you relax and take in the millions of stars. The accommodation has western-style bathrooms but is solar-powered and without wifi, so unplug and unwind!


DAY 1:

  • 9:00 Pick up in Chiang Mai and travel to Mae Wang (aprox 1 hour)

  • Meet your local indigenous guide and go trekking to find hidden waterfalls

  • Explore unique a hidden jungle temples

  • Have a picnic lunch made of locally sourced foods

  • Relax and swim at the waterfall

  • Visit a local hill tribe village

  • Arrive at a Karen mountain homestay

  • Learn to cook a traditional Karen foods over an open flame fire

  • After dinner relax by the fire and look at the stars

  • Sleep in a traditional that bamboo hut

DAY 2:

  • Learn about elephant care-taking, feed and walk with the elephants through the jungle

  • Bathe your elephant in the river

  • Meet baby elephants

  • End the day by bamboo-rafting down the river

  • Each guests gets their own elephant to care for and bond with



Chiang Mai, Three Kings Monument or a hotel in the city 


Depart at 8am, return at 6pm the next day


This trip is well organized but relaxed. In order to give you the best experience and maximum time doing your preferred activities, there's not a set schedule.  We are flexible to accommodate a different order should you want to spend more time in an activity or change your schedule. The day may feel less structured than what you're used to but rest assured, you'll get a chance to experience everything! We have also scheduled more physical activities in the beginning of the trip and more relaxed activities towards the end of the trip so you can experience all that the Chiang Mai area has to offer without feeling exhausted!


Comfortable athletic clothing, athletic shoes with good grip, warm clothes for evenings, overnight wear, toiletries, changes of clothes, bug spray, sunscreen, flash light, bathing suit, fully charged devices and or extra batteries, cash for personal expenses like drinks and souvenirs.


*This tour provides you with a private guide and car. You can take the day at your own pace and help the guide adapt it to suit you.


Local Tip: Take an extra day Check Out Near by Doi inthanon national park 

Doi Inthanon is a must-see destination for nature lovers and photographers. It features the highest point in Thailand, 2,565m above sea level with an incredible view of the surrounding landscape. Being this close to the clouds, Doi Inthanon enjoys cool weather year-round, and creates an unusual ecosystem: a cloud forest. This incredible forest supports a range of animal species who need the more temperate climate, including over 360 types of birds. In these ancient woods, moss cloaks tree trunks and branches and the vegetation is often shrouded in a soft mist. 

You can be driven to the park’s highest peak, passing incredible vistas where crops and villages make a gorgeous patchwork over the hillsides the clouds scrape the tallest trees. At the top of the mountain, you can wander through a cloud forest trail and visit the glittering pagodas which were built to honor the Thai royal family. You will have opportunities to photograph the wide panoramas offered by this unparalleled viewpoint and explore bright flower beds full of exotic plants.