Celebrate Your Love in Thailand


Elephants have been revered in Thailand for centuries.

Everywhere you go in Thailand you see symbols of majestic Asian Elephants. Their regal imagery adorns everything from Buddhist temples to the royal navy flags. An elephant wedding ceremony is the quintessential Thailand wedding.

An elephant ceremony is a unique way to celebrate your love, for weddings, renewing your vows or crowning your honeymoon with a special day. The beautiful river that runs through the Chai Lai Orchid and the surrounding mountains makes this a dream location for nature lovers.  Your ceremony can be simple and spiritual or playful with colorful dancers, music, and fireworks. We can tailor the celebration to reflect your personal spiritual beliefs. The Chai Lai Orchid can also host small receptions on site (up to 30 guests).

Prices for the wedding package below start at $2100 USD.

  • One day with elephants

  • Accommodation in a romantic bungalow

  • Professional photography

  • Transportation to and from the temple

  • Picnic lunch for two

  • Wedding cake

  • One bottle of sparkling

  • Candle lit dinner for two

  • Buddhist Blessing Ceremony

  • Fish or birds to set free

  • Offerings for the temple

  • Offerings for three monks

  • Floral arrangements

  • Bridal bouquet

  • Sky lantern release

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Hey! you don't have to get married to have a beautiful party here with elephants. All celebrations are better with elephants!